list of works

Some works of this list are available for performance by myself (*), by others (**), or are installations (***). Please contact me at info(at)cathyvaneck(dot)net if you are interested in more information (find documentation on some of the works by clicking on the title).

** In the Woods of Golden Resonances (2024) for one percussionist, many cymbals, and acoustic feedback.

* April Sky (2023) for one performer, sensors, loudspeakers and live electronics.

** Triple Beat (2023) for a pregnant woman, plastic bags, breath, two heart beats, pace maker and live electronics (see also Double Beat (2013)).

** Words, words, words. (2022) for five performers, microphones, loudspeakers with cardboard covers and live electronics.

Da draussen (2022) installation for an empty church, city sounds, generative electronics, and eight loudspeakers.

*** Try to Turn the Wind (2021) interactive installation. Anemometer, electronics, two loudspeakers. Exhibited by iii at the rewire festival.

Waving Sinewaves (2021) performance for waving performer, sensors and sine waves.

*** What We Keep (2021) installation for glass jars, lids and motors. Commissioned by KlangMoorSchopfe and Festival Rümlingen.

*** Der Klang von Birsfelden (2021) an interactive sound installation. Infrared sensors, horn loudspeakers, soundscapes of Birsfelden and interviews with inhabitants of Birsfelden. Commissioned by Zeiträume Basel.

** Favourite Pieces in Cardboard Boxes (2021) for at least five performers, cardboard boxes, live electronics and many favourite pieces. Commissioned and first performance by the Close Encounters Festival, Georgia.

** We Are Prepared (2020) for three performers, four chairs, sensors, four loudspeakers, one microphone, two throat microphones and live electronics. Commissioned and first performance by Maulwerker.

Our Lists (2020) an online interactive soundwork. Published on Commissioned by Dumpf records.

** La Nature dans le Miroir (2020) for four performers, mirrors, four phones, four loudspeakers and live electronics. Commissioned by Usine Sonore and first performance by Collective Mycelium.

*/** In Paradisum (2019) for a performer, an apple, contact microphones and live electronics. First performance by myself.

*/** Empty Chairs (2018) for three chairs, sensors, live electronics, three loudspeakers, one microphone and one performer. Commissioned by and developed at iii. First performance by myself.

** Silver Breath (2018) for three performers, interactive sound, aluminium foil, microphones and tactile transducers. Commissioned and first performance by Ensemble Nadar.

** De Beweging (2017) for six demonstrators, interactive sound, aluminium foil and tactile transducers. Commissioned and first performance at Festival Rümlingen.

*** Erster Versuch den Wind zu drehen (2017) an interactive sound installation for anemometer, fans, sound and breath or wind. Commissioned and exhibited at Festival Witten.

*/** Cheering for others makes you a leader (2016) for performer, metallic cheerleader pom poms, sensors and live electronics.

* Für Kopfhörende (2016) a performative installation, for performer with interactive headphones and audience with passive headphones.

** Phone Call to Hades – Passages to Another World (2016) for three singers, portable loudspeakers and electronics.

Cheerers and Leaders (2016) for one performer, gestures, cheers and live electronics.

** Backoffice (2015) for three performers, gestures, sensors, live electronics, and video.

*** Breeze (2015) an interactive sound installation for five music stands, thin paper, small fans, live electronics and a moving audience.

** 412 Meter Laufen (2014) for four walking performers, eight small foot-loudspeakers and electronics.

Extended Ears (2013) performative actions for audience and mechanical, electric and digital ear extensions.

*/** Square Head (2013) for one performer, a box, two small loudspeakers and one audience member.

** Double Beat (2013) for a pregnant woman, plastic bags, breath, two heart beats and live electronics.

* Klangverordnung – forbidden sounds in the city (2012) for one performer,  two big orange loudspeaker horns and the forbidden noises of the city of Bern.

Klangverordnung – Die verbotene Klänge der Stadt Bern Version I (inside in the archive) (2012) for three boxes, three light sensors, three loudspeakers and noise regulation laws of the city of Bern since the 17th century.

Ways and Means (2012) for five singers, gestures, small microphones and loudspeakers, and live electronics

Geluid gemeten: no 23 & no 32 (2012) sound installation for several pieces of paper, two loudspeakers, a box and electronics

*/** Music Stands (2011) for one or more performers, music stands,  small loudspeakers, contact microphones and live electronics.

** Stumme Diener (2011) performance for music stands, loudspeakers, microphones and live electronics, developed together with Susanne Zapf, also featuring pieces by Jakob Diehl and Wael Sami.

*/** Pièce d’Ameublement (2011)for one performer, grand piano, plants, several objects and live electronics.

Herbst (2011) a text composition

Music for the video Mandala Boogie Woogie (2010) for six channel electronics

When the sound of your voice slips through my fingers (2010) for five singers, gestures, small microphones and loudspeakers, and live electronics

*/** Song no 3 (2010) for one performer, gestures, loudspeaker, microphone and live electronics

Ein Oktett für das Quartett(2009) a piece for 8 loudspeakers and 4 performers

hout en snaren (2008) a piece of music for violin, loudspeaker-object and live-electronics

Im freien (2008) for recorder, duduk, organpipe and electronics

Mit Luft gebaut – Musik aus der Dose (2008) for castles in the air, tin can towers, loudspeakers and three performers; performances in a soundinstallation for a guitarist and two singers.

* in blik (2008) for tin can towers and electronics

*/** Wings (2007 – 2008) for big white shields, three microphones, one loudspeaker and three performers.

Luftschlösser im Bau (2007) for 10 musicians, 7 castles in the air structures and electronics

dazwischen (2007) for three loudspeakers, three performers with contact microphones and live electronics

*/** groene ruis (2007) for a small box tree, hairdryer and live electronics

* Hearing Sirens (2007) for portable horn-loudspeakers and electronics

Oefening in stilzwijgend zingen (2005) for three dancers. portable horn-loudspeakers and electronics