everyday objects

Favourite Pieces in Cardboard Boxes

One by one, the performers come on stage and play a fragment of their favourite piece. Other performers carry boxes around, that record these fragments.

In Paradisum

There is not much to say about this performance: I simply try to find the perfect sound for eating an apple In Paradisum (2019)performance for

What We Keep

What do we keep, what do we throw away. And what happens to the things we keep. Sometimes we may suddenly remember what has been

Empty Chairs

Empty Chairs stages three empty chairs, each with a loudspeaker attached. A system of live recorded sounds and electronic processing brings them to life. A performer interacts

Interview by Merche Blasco

Merche Blasco interviewed me in February 2020 on my work with objects and gestures, on how I use everyday actions and sonic transformations and the

We Are Prepared

This piece has been composed for and developed together with Steffi Weismann, Katarina Rasinski and Ariana Jessulat of Maulwerker. We are prepared is based on

La Nature dans le Miroir

As a human being I try to observe nature by catching it. I make pictures of beautiful landscapes and recordings of bird sounds. But this process

Groene Ruis

This performance takes two simple every day objects–a plant and a hair dryer–to investigate in our relationship with our “natural” environment. Looking for transitions between

In blik

In in blikinstead of musicians, five tin can towers are performing. The tin cans are humming softly, singing aloud or just breathing . At certain