Cathy van Eck (1979 Belgium/Netherlands) is a composer, sound artist, and researcher in the arts. She focuses on composing relationships between everyday objects, human performers, and sound. Her artistic work includes performances with live-electronics and installations with sound objects which she often designs herself. She is interested in setting her gestures into relationships with sounds, mainly by electronic means. The result could be called “performative sound art”, since it combines elements from performance art, electronic music, and visual arts. Her work transcends genres and is presented at occasions as diverse as experimental or electronic music concerts, open air festivals, sound art gallery venues, digital art events, or performance art festivals.

Cathy works closely with performers to develop her piece, oftenin interdisciplinary fields, and collaborating regularly with theatre directors and choreographers. Her projects are shown at festivals and venues all over the world.

Cathy has a permanent teaching position at the Department for Sound Arts of the University of the Arts in Bern, Switzerland. She is a regular guest lecturer at other art and music universities. In her PhD-research Between Air and Electricity (supervisors Richard Barrett, Marcel Cobussen and Frans de Ruiter; accepted in 2013 by the University of Leiden, The Netherlands), she investigated the use of microphones and loudspeakers as musical instruments. Her book Between Air and Electricity – Microphones and Loudspeakers as Musical Instruments has been published in 2017.

Performances and Festivals (selection), see also my agenda for up to date information.

  • Chicago (USA) I perform Empty Chairs and give a key note on composing with feedback at the Circulations Symposium in Chicago (2020)
  • Vienna (Austria) Ensemble Schallfeld performs my piece Stumme Diener during Wien Modern (2019)
  • Deventer (Netherlands) My installation Breeze is a part of the Instruments Make Play exhibition in Kunstenlab (2019)
  • Warsaw (Poland) At Warsaw Autumn Festival Paul Craenen and I perform his piece Tubes, and Michal Gorczynski, Paul and I perform my piece Wings. I also perform Hearing Sirens (2019)
  • Zurich (Switzerland) Premiere of In Paradisum at the Generator concert series at Mehrspur in Zurich (2019)
  • Dordrecht (Netherlands) My installation Erster Versuch den Wind zu drehen is on view during the exhibition Science of Sound at DordtYart (2018)
  • Evologia (Switzerland) Premiere of Empty Chairs at the festival les jardins musicaux (2018)
  • Wijnegem (Belgium) Premiere of Silver Breath for NADAR. They performed their program Tomorrow you sing in paradise at Inspiratum (2018)
  • Huddersfield (UK) We Spoke performed Wings at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (2017)
  • Vancouver (Canada) My interactive sound installation Breeze was presented during the ISCM World New Music Days. (2017)
  • Washington DC (USA) I performed Music Stands, Song No 3 and Cheering for Others Makes You a Leader at the Sonic Circuits Festival. (2017)
  • Rümlingen (Switzerland) Premiere of De Beweging for demonstrators and loudspeakers at Festival Rümlingen. (2017)
  • Aix en Provence (France)  Phone Call to Hades was presented at Festival d’Aix-en-Provence and the The Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel (2017)
  • Witten (Germany) My new interactive .sound installation Erster Versuch den Wind zu drehen for anemometer, fans, sound and breath or wind was exhibited during the Witten Festival (2017)
  • Munich (Germany) Premiere Phone Call to Hades 15th Munich Biennale (2016)
  • Stuttgart (Germany) Premiere Breeze Eclat Festival (2015)
  • Salzburg (Austria)  Song No 3 by Ute Wassermann Salzburg Biennale (2015)
  • Shanghai (China) Music StandsSong No 3 and Groene Ruis Chronus Art Centre (2014)
  • Cologne (Germany) Music Stands, Song No 3Groene Ruis and Klangverordnung Academy for Media Arts (2014)
  • Schangnau (Switzerland) Song No 3Groene Ruis and Klangverordnung Open Air Festival Zapperlot (2014)
  • Berlin (Germany) Premiere 412 Meter Laufen DieOrdnungDerDinge (2014)
  • Huddersfield (United Kingdom) Song No 3 by Ute Wassermann Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (2013)
  • Hilltown (Ireland) Premiere Uncage the Colours Hilltown Festival (2013)
  • Belgrade (Serbia) Wings by Ginger Ensemble (2013)
  • Graz (Austria) Premiere Double Beat Mind The Gap Symposium (2013)
  • Bern (Switzerland) Premiere Klangverordnung Bone Performance Festival (2012)
  • Munich (Germany) Premiere a Game of Fives – Ways and Means 13th Munich Biennale (2012)
  • Cologne (Germany) Premiere geluid gemeten nr.23 en nr.32 new talents biennale cologne (2012)
  • Berlin (Germany) Premiere Stumme Diener Klangwerkstatt Festival (2011)
  • Porto (Portugal) Hearing Sirens, Wings and Song No 3 Trama Festival (201l)
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina) Premiere of Muziek als Licht with Mandala Boogie Woogie (2010)
  • Cascais (Portugal) Zwischen Schlaf und Schlaf, Cascais Art Center (2010)
  • Tilburg (Netherlands) Wings, in blik and Hearing Sirens incubate Festival (2009)
  • New York (USA) Hearing Sirens, NYCEMF Festival (2009)
  • Minneapolis (USA) Hearing Sirens and Groene Ruis SPARK Festival (2009)
  • Zurich (Switzerland) Hearing Sirens Performance Festival Der längste Tag ((2008)
  • Cagliari (Italy) Groene Ruis and in blik Festival Spazio Musica (2008)
  • Schwaz (Austria) Groene Ruis and in blik Festival Avantgarde Schwaz (2008)
  • Holon (Israel) Hearing Sirens Hapzura Festival for Digital Arts (2007)
  • Leuven (Belgium) Premiere of a search for renoise – Wings festival TRANSIT (2007)
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands) Premiere of Hearing Sirens Mobile Music Academy (2007)
  • Berlin (Germany) Premiere of Blik na blik Festival Klangwerkstatt (2006)
  • Rümlingen (Switzerland) Premiere of Oefening in stilzwijgend zingen Festival Rümlingen (2005)