breath, contact microphones, everyday objects, feedback, gestures, performance, sensors

We Are Prepared

This piece has been composed for and developed together with Steffi Weismann, Katarina Rasinski and Ariana Jessulat of Maulwerker. We are prepared is based on a similar set-up as Empty Chairs. Again chairs equiped with loudspeakers and sensors are used, but this time the voices of the performers are used as an input for the chairs and an extra chair is added. The piece stages four chairs in the room, each equipped with a loudspeaker. Sounds captured by microphones and breath and vocal noises are sent to the chairs. Three performers interact with the chairs by moving them and placing them in new formations. Every movement of the chairs is sent to the computer via sensors. At the same time, a centrally positioned microphone picks up the positioning noises. The actions affect the chair sounds as the chair sounds have an influence on the actions. The noises of the breath and the voices of the performers, amplified with special contact microphones, are integrated into this interaction process. The performers’ bodies in their physical manifestation interact with the chairs brought to life in their existential materiality.

Maulwerker performing We Are Prepared (performers: Steffi Weismann, Katarina Rasinski and Ariane Jessulat, camera: Isabell Spengler, editing: Susanne Elgeti)