installation, outdoor, sensors

Der Klang von Birsfelden

The sound installation Der Klang von Birsfelden was created by many, just as a city is created anew every day in the exchange of people with one another. In autumn 2020, sound recordings were made at various locations in Birsfelden and then played to people who are closely connected to these locations. In conversation they tell what has changed, what they remember, where the recordings could have been made, which places are still missing… The installation
the entrance of the old municipal administration, which has already moved out. Birsfelden will change in many places and its sound will also change with it. The sound of Birsfelden remains a time recording, pausing and listening: this is what Birsfelden sounds like in 2021. The sensors placed close to the pink graffitis react to movement and control the loudspeakers – this is how the sound of Birsfelden can be called up.

Cathy van Eck, composition and interactive installation; Team Salewski & Kretz Architects: Christian Salewski, Vera Hobrecker (Graffiti), Ljubica Arsic (poster); Hanan Isabella Kohlenberger, interviews; Markus Oppenländer, technical support.

Many thanks to all people interviewed for this project: Christel Grünenwald, Philippe Meerwein, Basil Stotz, Felicitas Stotz, Stephanie Grob, Marianne Schuppe, Urs Buess, Mina Schmitt, Aman Hamid, Ronni Buser, François Gibello, Christian Brechbühl, Frederic Muller, Lucas Borer, Ali Albayarak, Rafael Pérez, Nathalie Dürr, Daniel Burri, Eros Nodari, Vanda Nodari, Mika Platten and Simone Platten.

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