an interactive sound installation

Five music stands are placed in a semi circle. Crumpled oversized sheets of paper stand on the music stand. The leaves move slowly and sound soft when the visitor comes in. Big sheets of paper on the stands are slowly moving and soft paper sounds can be heard when the visitor enters. As soon as the visitor approaches the music stands, they make soft sounds that could be associated with “singing” metal. The music stands start to make their own music instead of just carrying music by others. Depending on which direction the visitor walks, these sounds will change. With the technical help of distance sensors, small loudspeakers and fans create an interactive composition can be played by the audience. Every position one takes inside the semi circle of music stands creates its own sound. As soon as the visitor leaves the semi circle, the installation turns back to its point of departure: slowly moving paper sheets and soft paper sounds.

Lief Hall made this documentation video of Breeze at the Roundhouse in Vancouver during the the-possible-impossible-thing-of-sound Installation Series by Western Front.
breeze interactive sound installation
breeze interactive sound installation
installation sensors interactive
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