news & agenda

On the 9th of February 2017 my book “Between air and electricity – microphones and loudspeakers as musical instruments” was published! is the companion website with audiovisual documentations of many of the works I discuss. I will regularly update the website with more examples. I also curated the 2016/2017 concert season for ensemble Tzara: they will play concerts in different part of Switzerland with lots of exciting music! The first concert “Motors and Landscapes”  is taking place in november 2016, the others will be in february 2017 (“Blue“) and june 2017 (“Peculiar Transcriptions“). I am working on a new interactive installation to be presented at the Witten Festival (GER) in May. In August a new work for loudspeakers and performers is premiered during the Rümlingen festival (CH).

And here some dates for performances:


10.o5.2017 Lausanne (Switzerland) We Spoke performs Wings at Le Bourg

09.05.2017 Lucerne (Switzerland) We Spoke performs Wings at Kleintheater.

05.-07.05.2017 Witten (Germany) My new interactive sound installation Erster Versuch den Wind zu drehen Witten Festival for anemometer, ventilators, sound and breath or wind will be exhibited during the .

16.-18.03.2017 Aarau (Switzerland) final exhibition of the research project Mit Kopfhörern unterwegs at the Kunsthaus, with my “für Kopfhörende”.

19.02.2017 Bern (Switzerland) I perform “Cheering for others makes you a leader” and give a short lecture at the Sonohr Festival.

16.02.17 Ilanz (Switzerland) Cinema Sil Plaz Blue: concert curated by me, program see 03.02.17

09.02.17 Zürich (Switzerland) Uto-Kino Blue: concert curated by me, program see 03.02.17 and the official release of my book “Between air and electricity“!

08.02.17 Basel (Switzerland) Stadtkino Blue: concert curated by me, program see 03.02.17.

03.02.17 Bern (Switzerland) Lichtspiel Kino Blue: concert curated by me for Ensemble Tzara, with music by Jessie Marino, Sabrina Schröder, Ellen Fellmann and Wanja Aloe, and Blue by Derek Jarman.

27.01.2017 Graz (Austria) Schallfeld Ensemble performs Wings at the Grazer Kunstverein.

23.01.2017 Paris (France) soundinitiative performs Wings at the Espace des arts sans frontière.



08.12.2016 Cologne (Germany) hand werk performs Wings during the TripClubbing night at the Kölner Philharmonie.

29. & 30.11.2016 Leiden (Netherlands) I perform “Für Kopfhörende — a performative installation, for performer with interactive headphones and audience with passive headphones” during the conference The Role and Position of Sounds and Sounding Arts in Public Urban Environments.

17.11.2016 Bilbao (Spain) DieOrdnungDerDinge performs their staged concert programme “if you know what I mean”, including my piece 412 Meter Laufen in the Guggenheim Museum.

12.11.2016 Zürich (Switzerland) see 10.11.2016 concert.

11.11.2016 Baden (Switzerland) see 10.11.2016 concert.

10.11. 2016 Zug (Switzerland) Concert curated by me for Ensemble Tzara, with music by Karen Power, Hanna Hartman, Øyvind Torvund, Susana Perrottet, Moritz Müllenbach and my own Groene Ruis.

05.11.2016 Essen (Germany) I premiere my new piece “Cheering for others makes you a leader” at the Now! Festival.

21. & 22.10.2016 Neerpelt (Belgium) I perform Song No 3 and Music Stands, and give a performance lecture on interdisciplinary art and public space during the Oortreders Festival.

23. & 24.09.2016 Aarau (Switzerland) new performance for interactive headphones, one performer, live electronics, and three headphone listeners.

31.05, 02, 04, 06, 07 & 08.06.2016 Munich (Germany) Premiere of “Phone Call to Hades” during the Musiktheater Biennale, developed together with Blanka Radoczy (director), Isabelle Kranabetter (dramaturgy) and Claudia Irro (costume design), performed by Elizabeth Marshall,  Bavo Orroi and Andromahi Raptis.

12.&13.05.2016 Portland (USA) Sarah Tiedemann performs Groene Ruis at Third Angle New Music Concert’s Series.

07.05.2016 Jaffa/ Tel Aviv (Israel) Wings is performed by Hadas Pe’ery and others at HaTeiva center.

30.04.2016 Manchester (UK) Michael Baldwin, Louis D’Heudieres and David Pocknee perform a new version of Music Stands for three performers during Weisslich.

23.04.2016 London (UK) Michael Baldwin, Louis D’Heudieres and David Pocknee perform a new version of Music Stands for three performers during Weisslich.

13.03.2016 Zug (Switzerland) Lara Stanic performs my new piece Cheerers and Leaders at Theater Burgbachkeller Zug.

12.&13.03.2016 Zurich (Switzerland) DieOrdnungDerDinge performs 412 Meter Laufen at the Kammer of the Schauspielhaus Zurich.

05. & 06.02.2016 Zurich (Switzerland) Lara Stanic performs my new piece Cheerers and Leaders at Kunstraum Walcheturm Zürich.

04.02.2016 Bern (Switzerland) Lara Stanic performs my new piece Cheerers and Leaders at Aula PROGR Bern.

03.02.2016 Basel (Switzerland) Lara Stanic premieres my piece Cheerers and Leaders at Kaskadenkondensator Basel.

25.01.2016 Zurich (Switzerland) I perform Song No 3 at the ICST.

17.01.2016 Zurich (Switzerland) I perform Song No 3 and Music Stands during Art’s Birthday 2016 at Cabaret Voltaire. The event is diffused by Swiss Radio Espace 2 and Rete Due.

09.01.2016 New York (USA) Ensemble Pamplemousse performs Wings at Theatre JACK.



14.11.2015 Liège (Belgium) Frederik Croene performs Pièce d’ameublement at the Théâtre de Liège during the festival Images Sonores.

07.11.2015 Zurich (Switzerland) Ensemble Tzara premieres my piece “Backoffice” at the Zurich stock market.

01. – 08.11.2015 Den Bosch (Netherlands) My interactive installation Breeze will be on view during the November Music Festival in the Kruithuis.

29.10.-01.11.2015 Magdeburg (Germany) Ute Wassermann performs my Song No 3 during the SinusTon Festival.

25.09.2015 London (United Kingdom) I perform Groene Ruis at the Cut and Splice Festival at Cafe Oto.

16./17.09.2015 Aarau (Switzerland) Try-out and presentation of a performance for headphones.

11.09.2015 Basel (Switzerland) I am one of the nominees for the Swiss Music Prize 2015, together with 14 fantastic musicians. The ceremony will be in the Basler Münster.

12.06.2015 Basel (Switzerland) Haize Lizarazu performs Pièce d’ameublement at the Musik-Akademie Basel.

11. & 12.06.2015 Berlin (Germany) Ute Wassermann performs my Song No 3 at the Ackerstadtpalast.

27.03.2015 Bern (Switzerland) I perform Double Beat and in blik at the “Raum durch Klang” International SoundArtSymposium 2015.

07.03.2015 Salzburg (Austria) Ute Wassermann performs my Song No 3 during the Salzburg Biennale.

22.02.-27.02.2015 Apeldoorn (Netherlands) I will teach as one of the senior composers at the Young Composers Meeting together with other seniors Martijn Padding, Richard Ayres, and Errollyn Wallen, vocal coach Gerda van Zelm and chaired by Louis Andriessen.

05.02.-08.02.2015 Stuttgart (Germany) my new sound installation Breeze can be visited during the Eclat Festival.



26.-29.11.2014 The Hague (Netherlands) I perform Song No 3 during the 50 Years of Electroacoustic and Computer Music Education Meeting.

15.11.2014 Shanghai (China) I perform Music Stands, Song No 3 and Groene Ruis at the Chronus Art Centre.

14.11.2014 Zug (Switzerland) Lara Stanic, Cyrill Lim and Beat Unternährer perform Wings during 3Klangtage – Memoryspace.

06.11.2014 Stockholm (Sweden) Ute Wassermann performs my Song No 3 during the Sound of Stockholm Festival.

26.10. – 31.10.2014 The Hague (Netherlands) I teach a workshop on “Microphones and Loudspeakers as Musical Instruments” at the Institute of Sonology and ArtScience interfaculty.

26.09.2014 St. Pölten (Austria) Barbara Lüneburg performs the first part of our collaborate composition for the “What-if” research project during the European Researchers’ Night. Composed together with David Stalling, Anthony Kelly and Barbara Lüneburg.

20.09.2014 Zürich (Switzerland) I perform Klangverordnung at Performance Reihe Neu Oerlikon.

16.08.2014 Schangnau (Switzerland) I perform Song No 3Groene Ruis and  Klangverordnung at the open air festival Zapperlot,

04.07.2014 Bern (Switzerland) Music on a long thin wire by Alvin Lucier, presented by me and Moritz Mühlenbach at the Lange Nacht der elektronischen Musik at the Dampfzentrale. Also playing: Hans-Joachim Roedelius (D), Felix Kubin (D), Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine (F), Pole (D).

19., 20. & 22.06.2014 Berlin (Germany) Premiere of a new piece for the ensemble DieOrdnungDerDinge.

22.05.2014 Cologne (Germany) I will perform Music StandsSong No 3Groene Ruis and  Klangverordnung at the Academy for Media Arts Cologne.

26.04.2014 Brussels (Belgium) I will perform “Music Stands as well as lecture on my work during “Speaking of Mikes, Speakers and Acoustics, an evening of artist talks, performance and lecture by Cathy Eck and Fabrice Moinet” at the pianofabriek.

25. – 30.04.2014 Brussels (Belgium) Together with Fabrice Moinet I will conduct the lab Of Mikes and Speakers at the pianofabriek.

05.04.2014 Stuttgart (Germany) Ute Wassermann performs Song No 3 in the Theaterhaus.

5. & 6.03.2014 Stockholm (Sweden) I will perform at the opening night of Loitering with Intent and lecture the next day on my artistic research projects.

20.02.2014 Zurich (Switzerland) Mehrspur I will perform several of my works at the Generator concert series.

29.01.2014 Radio SRF 2 Feature by Cécile Olshausen on my works.

23.01.2014 Zurich (Switzerland) Performance of Music Stands at BINZ39

20.01.2014 Küsnacht (Switzerland) Performing several compositions by Alvin Lucier (Music on a Long Thin Wire, Vespers and Music for Cello and One or More Vessels) together with Moritz Müllenbach at Kantonsschule Küsnacht.



17.12.2013 Leiden (Netherlands) Public defense of my dissertation: Between air and electricity—microphones and loudspeakers as musical instruments.

16.12.2013 The Hague (Netherlands) Korzo theatre concert with several of my works: Song No 3, in blik, Music Stands, groene ruis and Klangverordnung.

19.11.2013 Huddersfield (England) Ute Wassermann will perform Song No 3 for gestures, interactive electronics, microphone and loudspeaker.

16.11.2013 Zurich (Switzerland) 7 pm I will perform Music on a long thin wire by Alvin Lucier at the Tonhalle Zurich during the Tage für Neue Musik.

13.11.2013 Basle (Switzerland) Gare du Nord Ginger ensemble performs Wings for acoustic feedback and shields.

25 & 26.10.2013 Muelheim (Germany) Presentation of mechanical and electronic ear extensions to listen to the city, which I developed together with Jan Schacher for the project Sonozones.
Labor Muelheim ZHdK

16.10.2013 Klosterneuburg (Austria) Ute Wassermann will perform Song No 3 for gestures, interactive electronics, microphone and loudspeaker.
Essl Museum

21.07.2013 Hilltown (Ireland) Uncage the colours, co-composition and performance with Barbara Lüneburg, David Stalling and Anthony Kelly
Hilltown Festival

05.07.2013 Freiburg (Germany) Heather Roche of ensemble hand werk performs Square Head for two small loudspeakers, gestures and fixed media.
hand werk

27.06.2013 Cologne (Germany) Heather Roche of Ensemble hand werk performs Square Head for two small loudspeakers, gestures and fixed media.
hand werk

26.04.2013 Zurich (Switzerland) performative installation in blik for tin cans and electronic sound in the visarte gallery sihlquai55.

18.04.2013 Belgrade (Serbia) Ginger ensemble performs Wings for acoustic feedback and shields.
ginger ensemble

13.04.2013 Luzern (Switzerland) Ginger ensemble performs Wings for acoustic feedback and shields.
ginger ensemble

10.04.2013 Zurich (Switzerland) Ginger ensemble performs Wings for acoustic feedback and shields.
ginger ensemble

07.03.2013 Graz (Austria) I will perform Double Beat for one performer, two hearts beating and live electronics.
Mind the Gap